The Knife That Changed a Life (Slice of Luck?)

Thailand 1997 Impression – BANGKOK POST – Article 1 of 5

The morning of Sunday 15 June, 1997 I boarded a flight at Changi Airport in Singapore to fly to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. It was my first trip ever to Thailand. On the plane I was given a copy of that day’s edition of the Bangkok Post. I’ve saved a memorable section of that paper for these past 20 years. Continue reading The Knife That Changed a Life (Slice of Luck?)

Pattaya Thailand – Ticky Marks – Hotels & Katoeys

Pattaya, Thailand is a beach community I first started visiting  in 1997. It has a well deserved reputation for many things that has kept it an interesting global tourist destination since at least the 1960’s as an R&R destination for soldiers doing duty in Vietnam. Continue reading Pattaya Thailand – Ticky Marks – Hotels & Katoeys

BBQ Grill for New House – LP vs Electric Review

Father’s Day 2016 Update – after nearly 2 years of utilizing the Electric Charbroil (acquired locally at Home Depot) my wife bought me a Weber LP grill for Father’s Day. Was able to sell the electric grill for $40 within 5 minutes of posting on NextDoor.  The Weber Spirit E-210 provides a compact footprint along with the quality Weber functionality.  So far I’ve had great grilling success with the new LP grill! Continue reading BBQ Grill for New House – LP vs Electric Review

GoPro or Go Home?

A very nice early Christmas 2013 present I received was a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera. The camera itself takes simply outstanding HD video that is amazing. I am looking forward to using it during travel and adventure destinations. So far I’ve used it only sparingly since, as I summarized on the Round To-It Blog, I had other things distracting me. Continue reading GoPro or Go Home?

Blog – Shiny Round TO-IT

This is the first entry into what is planned to be many more entries of TickyMarks.

I’m starting with discussion of one of those shiny round to-it things that many of us have trouble getting to. This project was planned to have begun over a year ago. Then, as happens, I got distracted with other “things” such as change of job employment; trip to Singapore, Malaysia (Borneo), & Thailand to see family and sightseeing; trip to Florida to see family; holidaZe; job layoff; job search; start of new job employment in totally new “industry”; prep, staging and then sale of house; move to new location.

Finally, after more than a year since first envisioned I’m just doing it (thank you to Nike and the ESPN 30 for 30 show “You Don’t Know Bo” on Bo Jackson’s I watched recently). Loved those “Bo Knows” commercials; what an athlete he was and it is amazing to think of what might have been if he hadn’t had that fluke hip injury and subsequent replacement. Great documentary if you have the time to watch: VIDEO SITE

Not sure exactly how this site will evolve though again, it is just another TickyMark on My Checklist of Life.

…on the Checklist of Life

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