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Based on the continued high degree of interest on the Penicide phenomenon, TickyMarks Publishing now offers this publication.

PENICIDE Phenomena: By Choice or Not For more information click on the book icon for more details.

Continue reading PENICIDE – The Book

Pattaya Thailand – Ticky Marks – Hotels & Katoeys

Pattaya, Thailand is a beach community I first started visiting  in 1997. It has a well deserved reputation for many things that has kept it an interesting global tourist destination since at least the 1960’s as an R&R destination for soldiers doing duty in Vietnam. Continue reading Pattaya Thailand – Ticky Marks – Hotels & Katoeys

BBQ Grill for New House – LP vs Electric Review

Father’s Day 2016 Update – after nearly 2 years of utilizing the Electric Charbroil (acquired locally at Home Depot) my wife bought me a Weber LP grill for Father’s Day. Was able to sell the electric grill for $40 within 5 minutes of posting on NextDoor.  The Weber Spirit E-210 provides a compact footprint along with the quality Weber functionality.  So far I’ve had great grilling success with the new LP grill! Continue reading BBQ Grill for New House – LP vs Electric Review

GoPro or Go Home?

A very nice early Christmas 2013 present I received was a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera. The camera itself takes simply outstanding HD video that is amazing. I am looking forward to using it during travel and adventure destinations. So far I’ve used it only sparingly since, as I summarized on the Round To-It Blog, I had other things distracting me. Continue reading GoPro or Go Home?