PENICIDE Phenomena: By Choice or Not!


Based on the high degree of interest on the Penicide phenomena, TickyMarks Publishing has now published the book

PENICIDE Phenomena: By Choice or Not in June 2018. Get your copy today in eBook or paperback or both!. For more information click on the book below for more details.

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Penicide is often perceived as the shocking phenomena associated with a scorned woman’s revenge on her man. Reports of wives cutting off their husbands penises in fits of rage have been reported for centuries in many countries around the world. Another slang term for penicide is Bobbitry. This is derived from one of the more infamous reported cases when in 1993 John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis sliced off by his wife Elena. These types of violent acts are not the choice of the men the act is committed on.

However, there are many individuals that choose to have their penises removed. Modern day surgery has become extremely commonplace allowing those with penile organs to have them removed as part of their gender transformation (i.e., transgender).

This book looks at multiple types of “penicide” and discusses real life examples documented over the years. It details what may be involved in this “area” when the penis is injured, cut off (non-surgically), removed by choice (by trained medical surgeons), and also when penis reimplantation (to re-attach) is performed. This book looks at multiple types of “penicide” and discusses real life examples documented over the years. For purposes of differentiating the ones chronicled in this book it is broken out and categorized at the following high levels:

  1. ACCIDENTAL – not by choice
  2. MEDICALLY REQUIRED – usually some type of 1st party decision making the choice involved
  3. TRANSGENDER/TRANSEXUAL – typically a Gender Reassignment Surgical (GRS) choice
  4. BOBBITRY – not by choice

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