Don’t Lose Your Head (What to do?)

Thailand 1997 Impression – BANGKOK POST – Article 3 of 5

Summary: this series of 5 articles are from the copy of the Bangkok Post I’ve held on to for 20 years. The morning of Sunday 15 June, 1997 I boarded a flight at Changi Airport in Singapore to fly to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. It was my first trip ever to Thailand. On the plane I was given a copy of that day’s edition of the Bangkok Post. I’ve saved a memorable section of that paper for these past 20 years.

After 1993’s “news” story about the USA married couple LORENA & JOHN WAYNE BOBBITT  saga, the multiple feature stories in the 1997 Thailand  paper was my first introduction to AMAZING THAILAND.

This third (of 5) articles is another of the stories featured that day in the paper. It’s provides an outline of what to do if this penicide nightmare scenario actually happens.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Should you wake up to find that your beloved has cut off your manhood, don’t panic.

That’s a difficult thing to do. After all, it’s not just a penis: it is also your identity, your social role, your psychology, your instant tool of gratification.

Wouldn’t you panic if all your credit cards, cash, driver’s licence and all other official and personal papers that shape and prove your life, your accomplishments and identity disappeared?

Wouldn’t you just go nuts if your memory was erased?

Add to psychological loss the loss of blood and the pain and panic would surely be one natural reaction. Still, don’t panic.

As long as there is a doctor like Dr Surasak Muangsom- bat, there is hope. Here is his advice should you ever find yourself on the receiving end of an angry knife.


  1. Find the cleanest piece of cloth you can find.
  2. Press the cloth hard on the wound. Stop the blood flow.
  3. Try and get your severed penis back from the angry woman.
  4. Wash it with clean water and seal it in a plastic bag.

Normally, the severed organ can be kept for six hours and still be reattached by surgeons. However, keep the plastic bag on an iced water container. This can extend the length of time to 24 hours.

Sometimes, though, miracles do happen.

One of Dr Surasak’s cases came to him without his genitalia. The doctor made him go back home and find it. It took some time before he learned that his wife had flushed it down the toilet.

After 15 hours, he returned to the hospital. He had demolished the sewage and septic tanks and found his penis.

“I told him it was practically useless. The time lapse was too long, and the organ was too dirty. We were afraid it would cause infection, and we would have to cut it off again. But he insisted we put it back, or else he would prefer to die. So we did it. And it was successful.”

The doctor could hardly believe the man’s luck.

“It must have been the first case in the world: a penis reattached after 15 hours.”

But who wants to push his luck that far? – Chitraporn Vanaspong

“Don’t Lose Your Head”


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