Catalogue Of Snippets "Sore Point"!

Catalogue Of Snippets “Sore Point”!

Thailand 1997 Impression – BANGKOK POST – Article 2 of 5

Summary: this series of 5 articles are from the copy of the Bangkok Post I’ve held on to for 20 years. The morning of Sunday 15 June, 1997 I boarded a flight at Changi Airport in Singapore to fly to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. It was my first trip ever to Thailand. On the plane I was given a copy of that day’s edition of the Bangkok Post. I’ve saved a memorable section of that paper for these past 20 years.

Passport Entry/Exit chops

After 1993’s “news” story about the USA married couple LORENA & JOHN WAYNE BOBBITT  saga, the multiple feature stories in the 1997 Thailand  paper was my first introduction to AMAZING THAILAND.

This second (of 5) articles is another of the stories featured that day in the paper. It’s a detailed summary of 12 CASES involving various “male organ removals” and aptly titled, “Catalogue of Snippets“…

Catalogue of Snippets

SORE POINT: While there are no accurate statistics about how many men have been attacked by their wives where it hurts most, a cursory look at the local news proves that every male’s nightmare happens more often than you think – CHITRAPORN VANASPONG

CASE ONE: Cut and paste

During the late evening of August 7, 1986, 31-year-old Boonme Nila was sleeping in his own home in Samut Prakan. His wife could not sleep as she was thinking about his philandering. She got a kitchen knife, cut off his penis and fled. Boonme’s severed appendage was reattached at a nearby hospital.

CASE TWO: Timely donation

Again in Samut Prakan, about a year later, 27-year-old housewife Duan Aimjabok could not accept the fact that her husband had a minor wife. Kowit Bamrungna, 22, was disturbed to awaken and find his wife attacking his sexual organ with a cutter. Duan took her husband’s penis away with her.

Later, Kowit said he was bleeding so badly that he couldn’t follow her to retrieve his sexual organ.

A transvestite, who was to undergo transsexual surgery, heard about Kowit’s case and decided to donate his penis to Kowit. Three days later, Kowit became the world’s first successful penis transplant case at the Police General Hospital.

As he was recuperating, Mr Kowit said he felt as if he was born again. “I’m so glad. I’m very happy.”

CASE THREE: Dog food

Again in Samut Prakan, another year later (July 18, 1988), a neighbor found Chusak Teppasutra, a 40-year-old factory worker, wallowing in a blood-soaked mattress. At the hospital, the Neighbour discovered that Chusak’s vital organ had been hacked off.

When he fell asleep, her mother cut off his manhood, threw it in the garden and fled. Neighbours helped in the search but failed; they assumed it had been eaten by a dog that lived in their garden.

Chusak’s daughter said her mother Sunee, 35, had fought with her father, who had come home late and drunk. The daughter said that when he fell asleep, her mother cut off his manhood, threw it in the garden and fled. Neighbours helped in the search but failed; they assumed it had been eaten by a dog that lived in their garden.

 CASE FOUR: A near thing

On May 7, 1989, in Kamphaeng Phet, 61-year-old Kularb Sikao almost lost his manhood to his minor wife’s razor. That was because 33-year-old Ham was certain old Kularb loved his first wife more than her.

After passionate sex, she waited until he fell asleep and then got out her razor. He woke up in pain and saw Sara slicing away at his crotch. He fought back with all his might and Sara fled with blood-covered hands. Kularb arrived at the hospital with his manhood half-severed.

CASE FIVE: Re-attached

In that same year, late in the evening of October 25, 38-year-old Thong jua Thepsawat was in agony after finding that her husband had another wife. She angrily cut off his manhood. A neighbour, awakened by the altercation, helped Sombat to Ratchaburi hospital where a surgical team reattached his organ.

CASE SIX: Gang surgery

Later that year (December 13) Buri Ram Hospital admitted a 16-year-old male whose sex organ was severed. Sangwora Kangharato later told the doctor that at 9:30 p.m. the day before, a group of teenagers went to his house, stretched him out on the floor, and sliced off his penis with a knife. They fled with his organ.

Sangworn assumed he was mutilated because he is courting the village beauty, who is also being courted by the village headman’s son. He assumed that since he was more handsome, his love rival had sent his minions to do the dastardly deed.

CASE SEVEN: Self-confession

Songkhla police found themselves listening to a woman who turned herself in on January 20, 1990. Anong Panyutho said she had cut off her husband’s sex organ with a razor the night before, threw it out of the window and hid herself at a relative’s house. She decided to see the police after her husband’s relatives threatened her.

Anong said that after ten years and two children, her husband Prasert openly took on a minor wife. When Anong went to see him at the minor wife’s house, Prasert drove her away rudely. When Prasert came home to visit his children on 18 January, Anong played the role of the devoted wife, prepared some good food and then had passionate sex. When her husband had fallen asleep, she claimed his sex organ “fell away from its base.”

The surgical team failed to re-attach the organ as some of the cells had died. Prasert mourned over his loss, but he asked the police to release his wife, since nobody would take care of his children.

CASE EIGHT: A policeman’s gun

On May, 30, 1990, Somrak Yaem chuen, a 45-year-old-police officer in Chaiyaphum was found unconscious on his bed, in blood-soaked pyjamas. His severed manhood was found in a nearby sewer, too late to be re-attached.

Somrak did not want to go on living without his manhood and signed a paper for the doctor to give him a lethal injection. His plea was rejected.

Somrak’s 38-year-old wife Banjong said tearfully that she saw him kissing and fondling his minor wife in another apartment. Because of this, she cut off his manhood with a knife when he came home and fell asleep.

CASE NINE: Hair-raising event

Phetchburi: On July 19, 1996, Mrs Nui Saknarongchai, a 40-year-old hair-dresser took a razor and sit off her husband’s Chokechai’s sex organ, who was asleep. Nui fled with the penis.

Chokechai said his wife, did this because he was a real playboy, and a well-known gambler. Women always picked him up at home to go to casinos. The couple quarrelled frequently and Nui had threatened to cut it off “if he did not change his playboy ways.”

CASE 10: Teaching a lesson

A teacher in Yasothon, Wachiraporn Ketkowit, also did it to her husband, Sompong, a 38 year-old police officer on December 1, 1996. This was after Sompong told her he wanted his minor wife to come and live with them. Enraged, Wachiraporn pulled out a cutter when Sompong fell asleep after making love with her.

CASE 11: A New Year present

On the last new years’ day in Ayutthaya Chatri Yoosaart, a 34-year- old tuktuk driver lost his organ to Mrs Kiew’s knife.

Kiew is his second of four wives who asked him to spend the special day with her and their eight-year-old daughter.

He refused, saying that he had a business appointment. However, Kiew found him having fun with other girls.

When he came home, she prepared him a big dinner and stripped off his clothes afterwards and pretended that she wanted to make love. She produced a razor and slashed off his vital organ.

Chatri later saw her in jail, her young daughter crying outside the bars. He asked the police to let her go for the sake of their daughter.

Doctors at the provincial hospital re-attached his dismembered member, which proved to be an excellent New Year present.

CASE 12: Geriatric antic

The oldest woman to wield the knife over the baton might be from Nakhon Sawan. On May 2, 1997, police entered the house of Pong Ketrawit, 67, and found her cleaning a meat cleaver. Suk, her 65-year-old husband, was lying nearby in a pool of his own blood; Suk’s private baton was gone.

Pong said she had been to see the doctor due to pains in her womb and was diagnosed with venereal disease. Enraged at her husband’s philandering, she cut his organ off when he was drunk.

  • Source: Thai Rath Newspaper information centre.



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