BBQ Grill for New House - LP vs Electric Review

BBQ Grill for New House – LP vs Electric Review

Father’s Day 2016 Update – after nearly 2 years of utilizing the Electric Charbroil (acquired locally at Home Depot) my wife bought me a Weber LP grill for Father’s Day. Was able to sell the electric grill for $40 within 5 minutes of posting on NextDoor.  The Weber Spirit E-210 provides a compact footprint along with the quality Weber functionality.  So far I’ve had great grilling success with the new LP grill!

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken


8/30/2014 Update – with the house almost ready I went ahead and ordered the Charbroil Patio Bistro 240 Elextric Grill online. I was very excited when it arrive in less than 2 days (free shipping)…until I realized they had sent the LP version instead of the electric. Guess who will be standing in the return line at the local retailer today.


At our previous large house (5 bedroom / 4.5 bath along with a lot of additional space) I also had a large Weber Genesis natural gas grill. As part of our down-sizing process in addition to building a new much smaller house (2 bedroom / 2 bath) the BBQ grill is also going to be downsized.

The “big” Weber grill (here is the new version of it) was conveyed with the sale of the “big” house primarily for two reasons:

  1. Natural Gas (NG) – the grill was fueled by a natural gas hookup that we had done as part of the original house build. The new house we’re building doesn’t have natural gas available in the community. I initially considered converting it to LP (liquid propane) fuel but then found out that Weber discontinued sale of the conversion kits (NG–>LP) due to safety concerns. It seems too many people were having explosive “results” and getting “burned”. While there are other options to finding parts/resources to do the conversion I decided to err on the side of caution.
  2. Size (Down Size) – the Weber was a large grill and took up a lot of space.  With the new house space is a premium including the backyard patio space. Plus, most of the time I’m cooking for only the two of us. The Weber’s cooking surface was way overkill for other than occasional large meal grilling. I also have a Weber smoker that I have moved and will be setting up in the limited space patio area along with the grill. A grill with a smaller size footprint is definitely needed.

The next decision point was what kind of “fuel” source to use. Over the years I’ve had success with different types of grills including charcoal, lump charcoal, LQ, NG and electric. My Weber Smoky Mountain smoker has the flexibility of also being a charcoal grill, so all I really need the new grill to do is provide:

  1. “on-demand” type of quick heat up grill capabilities that a charcoal grill can’t provide.
  2. Quick “cool down” capabilities. While this isn’t a big issue, the 100+ degree weather we see often in Texas makes this a factor in a smaller space.
  3. Easy clean up. Charcoal grills take a lot of work to clean up the ashes. You also have to wait a long time until the coals either burn out or die out before you can clean up.

So, my choices left at this point where LP (Liquid Propane) and electric. Having had both types in the past the decision really came down to one of convenience.  While I’ve had at least four LP grills over the years I decided that, at least for now, I don’t want to deal with LP tank refills/swap outs, etc. My decision is to go electric!

In August 1999 I moved from a house, with a big backyard, to an apartment with a small outdoor patio. I sold my LP grill and purchased a Char-Broil electric grill. I made good use of that electric grill for over a year and enjoyed its’ utility and ease of use. Even after purchasing a home, and moving out of apartment living, I continued using it for awhile before switching back to a mid-size Weber LP grill.

Now that it’s been nearly 15 years since last purchasing an Electric Grill, I started researching what is available in 2014 and seeing what the reviews say. Over the past few months I’ve read multiple reviews and physically looked at various electric grills at the stores. This online review from Popular Mechanics provides a very good comparison test along with the pros/cons of each.

Based on the positive experience I had with the previous Char-Broil electric grill, along with mostly excellent reviews, I’ve decided that I’ll be looking to purchase the Char-Broil Patio Bistro True-Infrared Electric Grill when we move into the house.

Now all I have to decide is which color…(what goes best with the Weber black and the exterior color of the house?)


Back of new house under construction
Back of new house under construction


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