GoPro or Go Home?

GoPro or Go Home?

A very nice early Christmas 2013 present I received was a GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition camera. The camera itself takes simply outstanding HD video that is amazing. I am looking forward to using it during travel and adventure destinations. So far I’ve used it only sparingly since, as I summarized on the Round To-It Blog, I had other things distracting me.

One of the best things I used it for was to video my granddaughter’s visit when we went to the Austin Zoo


Another thing that kept me busy last year during the holidaZe was a local neighborhood security patrol. Due to rising concerns in our (former) neighborhood on vandalism and general mischief by mainly teenage kids while school was out on break, we formed a nightly patrol to monitor a patrol the neighborhood. If we detected problems we would call the local police and/or Sheriff’s dispatch and report the situation. I found using the GoPro was a great way to record what we saw AND when potential vandals saw there were cameras recording what they were doing, they thought twice.

The GoPro camera was also used when we prepared to sell our house. The realtor set us up with a Stager who setup an appointment to take a look at the house and provide recommendations on preparing the house to show and sell. Since my wife had to work that day I recorded the entire appointment with all the comments and recommendations. It saved me from having to take notes AND it allowed my wife to see and hear the comments herself.  It saved us all a lot of time PLUS we have a recording of how much “stuff” we’d stuffed into our house closets prior to de-cluttering and downsizing.

I also used the camera as a video record of “move-in condition” of the temporary apartment we’ve moved into while our new house is being built. While other cameras can do the same/similar, the GoPro HD quality is far superior to what I can get via iPhone, iPad or even what a few years ago was a top of the line Sony consumer HD video camera.

As far as GoPro accessories I’ve added a few to what came with the camera itself. I have a helmet (bicycle type) clip and another (my favorite) that clips on to a baseball type hat turned backwards. I’m considering other GoPro Accessories to make it easier and more convenient for me to use the camera more often. I’ve added a box off to the right that shows some of the ones I’ve been looking at.

If you don’t already have one, I do recommend GoPro cameras. Check out the GoPro YouTube Channel to see for yourself

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