Blog - Shiny Round TO-IT

Blog – Shiny Round TO-IT

This is the first entry into what is planned to be many more entries of TickyMarks.

I’m starting with discussion of one of those shiny round to-it things that many of us have trouble getting to. This project was planned to have begun over a year ago. Then, as happens, I got distracted with other “things” such as change of job employment; trip to Singapore, Malaysia (Borneo), & Thailand to see family and sightseeing; trip to Florida to see family; holidaZe; job layoff; job search; start of new job employment in totally new “industry”; prep, staging and then sale of house; move to new location.

Finally, after more than a year since first envisioned I’m just doing it (thank you to Nike and the ESPN 30 for 30 show “You Don’t Know Bo” on Bo Jackson’s I watched recently). Loved those “Bo Knows” commercials; what an athlete he was and it is amazing to think of what might have been if he hadn’t had that fluke hip injury and subsequent replacement. Great documentary if you have the time to watch: VIDEO SITE

Not sure exactly how this site will evolve though again, it is just another TickyMark on My Checklist of Life.

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